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Top 10 Badass Video Game Characters of 2010

Video games have had their share of memorable characters.  From Mario, to Duke Nukem, game characters offer unique experiences through their adventures  which are often fueled by their personalities.  2010 has been a historic year in gaming and has introduced or simply added to the already memorable personalities in video games.  These are the characters who you want to be like and admire for their personalities or simply because they are badass.  These are the guys and gals that keep our Xbox controllers moving.  These are my top ten badasses of 2010:

10.  Bayonetta (Bayonetta)


I never thought that I would ever see a character that looked so much like Sarah Palin in a video game nor did I think she would ever be calling her a badass.  Yes, the over sexualized librarian with hair for cloths is indeed badass.  Not only does she have guns attached to her feet, but her weapon of choice is her hair that transforms into a demon dinosaur and eats huge monsters.

9.  John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

John Marston

There aren’t many that would say that cowboys weren’t badass.  They lived off the land, endured extreme weather, and thrived in the lawlessness of the Wild West.  As John Marston, players were able to experience the old west first hand hunting outlaws, saving damsels in distress, and shooting hordes of bandits.  John Marston is so badass that he can shoot the gun out of a gunslinger’s hand and they will run away screaming, and he can kill a bear with nothing but a hunting knife.

8. Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Dante’s Inferno

Nothing says manly like taking a needle and thread and sewing a cross into your chest.  After returning from the Crusades, Dante returns to find his wife murdered and her soul taken by Lucifer.  Determined to save her soul, Dante challenges Death himself, takes his scythe and dives into the seven circles of hell destroying every monstrosity and demon that hell has to offer.


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    Thanks, I really enjoyed writing this one. If there are other characters you think I missed (besides yourself) let me know. Thanks for commenting!

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    Asura, The Duke, Alex Wesker and Gordon Freeman should be here.

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