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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan’s Fate Revealed

The newest trailer coming from the developer of the Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic has revealed that some popular characters from the Knights of the Old Republic series might be making an appearance.

Star Wars The Old Republic HK-47

The trailer teases that the main character, Revan, from the first Knights of the Old Republic game will be involved in one of the missions that players (at least on the Imperial side) will have to undertake.  Players will finally find out what happened to the legendary Jedi hero after he traveled into deep space.  Apparently, Revan was  reborn somehow.  Before he disappeared again he built a complex to hide his secrets, and it will be the players’ job to discover his fate and what he is hiding.  The last few seconds of the trailer are the most exciting, showing the guardian of Revan’s secrets and a fan favorite, the homicidal assassin droid, HK-47.

Star Wars The Old Republic High level Characters

The trailer also revealed some details concerning the customization of some of the higher level characters.  A high level Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, and Imperial Agent are shown with high level armor and weapons taking down some Republic soldiers with bolts of lightning, laser blasts, and explosions-a-plenty.  One character that looked particularly awesome was the Sith Warrior with his breather mask and hooded cloak with giant spikes on the shoulders.  Even better was when the Sith Warrior speaks with the mask on during the mission brief, his voice is slightly distorted.  I’m glad to see that Bioware considers the small details.

Bioware is definitely taking the right steps toward creating a compelling story line for The Old Republic while keeping the fans of their previous game in mind. There will probably be many more familiar characters and locations in the final game and many more revelations on those characters stories.  Star Wars: The Old Republic is sure to make an impact on what fans think of the Star Wars universe, and with Bioware handling the project, it couldn’t be in better hands.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to be released Spring 2011 on the PC.  So start thinking about upgrading your video card before then.

  • Davidgazeley

    is revan going to fight the sith empire for the republic and for the jedi order and for his friends and his lover bastila shanand become a ture hero of the republic?

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