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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Wookiee Companions

Star Wars: The Old Republic has revealing its major features and characters since the initial announcement of the game slowly but surely.  From a marketing standpoint it’s rather genius, keeping fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the next announcement. The latest scrap Bioware is serving up to ravenous hordes was a little bit of a reveal for the Smuggler.

Star Wars the old republic smuggler

The Smuggler class has a number of tricks up his sleeve.  He has the ability to take cover behind objects, use grenades, and stun devices, but now they will have one of the coolest features in the game, the Wookiee companion.  The developers have not given away many details considering the companion characters.  We do know that they player will be able to influence them positively or negatively throughout the adventure depending on the choices you make, and they will serve as a compliment to your character in combat.  Tanks will have characters that do more DPS, while healers may have companions that are great tanks and so forth. The Wookiee companion could be a tank type character or possibly a DPS since the Smuggler is more of a support class.

Personally, I think that Bioware is doing a great job choosing the companions for each class.  Each group reflects characters from the movies like Luke and R2D2 and Han and Chewie.  With the slew of companions that are sure to come in the future, players will be free to choose what type of adventure they will be haveing, whether it emulates the movie characters or is something completely unique.

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