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New League of Legends trailer shows off Dominion mode

League of Legends

Developer Riot games released a new trailer that shows off the new capture and hold mode dubbed Dominion coming soon to the free-to-play League of Legends, according to the video game website Shacknews. The trailer featured a mix of gameplay segments with behind-the-scenes chat from employees at Riot Games. The new mode is proposed to give players more condensed bursts of League of Legends.

“Veteran League of Legends players will really love Dominion because it really boils down the best elements of the game they already know and love into a short and intense 20-minute gameplay session,” according to Riot president Marc Merrill.

Dominion is played on a new map with five control points for each of the two teams to fight over. Rounds are estimated to take 10 to 20 minutes, wherein players power up faster, can buy end-game items quicker, and dying faster and more frequently but respawning faster as well.

Quests to complete can be had on top of that, which project lead designer Richard Hough says “break up the flow” and incentivize alternate strategies. For instance, players may be offered a “large reward” for holding two specific capture points.

There’s no set date when Dominion mode will launch.

Currently, League of Legends is for PC and Mac only, and not for current platforms such as the Xbox 360 system.

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