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Top 5 worst games of 2011 so far

Now there are games which are quite exceptional and will blow your mind away. Then there are games which are not quite good, and then we have the third category. With games which are outright bad! You might not hear a lot about these games and rightly so. So just to keep you guys informed and to ensure that you don’t buy them, here are my top 5 worst games of the year so far.

Thor: God of Thunder

When it first was showcased there was a lot of publicity that came with it. A lot of us thought this would be a game where you would see fast melee action with superpowers just like the movie. Well that didn’t last as when the game finally came out the game was just another game which tried to make money off the success of its movie. Playing this on an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 controller for too long and you’ll start cursing the guys who made this game!

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops

The name of a game says a lot about the game itself. Now when you hear a name like Shadow Harvest Phantom Ops you tend to expect a lot as it sounds pretty cool. Well the name and probably the sexy cat-suit lady who is an expert in stealth, is as cool as this game gets. The missions are rigid and unimaginative and it seemed like there was hardly any thinking involved. The AI is not impressive and the visuals are not worth mentioning. This game sure had potential as they had prepared to ways to go about this game, e.g. via steal or go in all guns blazing.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Stealth Force Edition

For those of you who went in and bought this game, well I feel sorry for you. Games made to take advantage of the popularity of a movie usually are not worth playing. The same goes for this one as well. Funny thing is that the movie wasn’t all that good either.

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

Now I really thought twice before putting this game hear as I am a big fan of the Duke Nukem series (be it for whatever reasons). But this game just had to be there. This is the worst game ever made for the Nintendo DS and I pity the souls who paid money for it.  The lame and outdated jokes along with the horrible and sometimes unplayable visuals made this game something to forget.

Two Worlds 2

Now this was a game where a lot of effort was put in. But honestly I just didn’t see it. Once you actually finish the game (assuming you get that far) you will end up wondering why you actually played the game.

So there you go the top 5 games you really don’t wanna buy!

  • dwarfyforty

    how exactly is Two Worlds 2 a bad game, please explain (I don’t have it so I am just asking for clearance)

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