How to control your Playstation 3 with a PSP

PSP: Playstation 3 Sixaxis controllershello

Many Playstation 3 owners also own the PSP. I am sure you guys loved the sleek looking PSP which had amazing gaming and multimedia capabilities. I bet a few of you still play it a lot and find it hard to leave the little device. For those of you who love the PSP and aren’t ready to give it up there is some good news.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gameplay Trailer

Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Xbox 360, Playstation 3hello

The Castlevania franchise is one of the most beloved in video game history.  Players have never gotten tired of exploring and discovering the secrets of Dracula’s lair, killing undead and mythical monsters along the way.  However, the Castlevania series has never made a successful transition into 3D graphics. Konami is taking another crack at it with a new installment in the series: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Not too many details are out about the game’s story yet, but players will be cast as the character Gabriel, as he defends the…

How to Use a PS3 Controller for a Computer

Playstation 3 controllerhello

We all know that PC gamers just hate playing console games. The controllers of the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360 just doesn’t fit the bill. Well it’s pretty much the same when you consider console gamers trying to play PC games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat Revealed


Bioware had recently announced that their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, would be getting a space combat mode. Details were vague, but a new from GamesCom shows off some of the intense space combat.

Xbox 360′s console history

wireless headset, Xbox 360 HDMI cablehello

The Xbox 360 has been a revolution to the console gaming industry. The Xbox 360 is a video game console with great multimedia capabilities and a wide scope of consumers.

Dragon Age 2 Looks Awesome

Xbox 360 controller, Mass Effect 2hello

The first trailer for Dragon Age 2 has been released GamesCom in Germany today. The trailer gives us a peek into what we can expect in the sequel. If the game ends up being half as good as Dragon Age: Origins it will definitely swallow up my life.

Video Games as Art

Dragon Age, The Art of Video Gameshello

There has been much debate when it comes to how things, most recently video games can be seen as art. This is mostly a debate in the art community but has begun to spill out into other realms as video games have become more pervasive in society. The main argument is how can something so fun/violent/silly be considered art.

New Trailer for Metroid Other M

Super Paper Mario, Wii remote controllerhello

Metriod: Other M is coming out to retail in just a few short days, but Nintendo has decided to build up our anticipation just a little bit more with an exclusive trailer via

Comic Con Review: Part 3

Chuck: Comic Conhello

I knew I wanted to see the Chuck panel first thing in the morning, which meant I’d have to get there early. The panel started at 10am, I got in line at 8:30, figuring I wouldn’t be up front, but I’d still get in. Well, I was right, though just barely.

Zombies Returning in Call of Duty: Black Ops


I have said in some of my other posts that if Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to have a zombie mode, it is going to be a personal must buy. But today’s announcements hasn’t quite made my Black Ops wishes come true.

Rage Preview

Rage: PS3 Controllershello

During the E3 expo a lot of upcoming games were showcased. When I saw the first person shooters coming out I was sure that there was going to be nothing new in any of these games, until I saw Rage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition

Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2hello

Activision has announced the contents of the prestige edition for Call of Duty: Black Ops. How much swag is too much swag?

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